"You helped us get our GSA Schedule 70(IT) in 35 days. Also we now have access to GSA Ebuy and are able to enter bids much easier than going after RFPs that I never found in the past before we had our GSA Schedule."
President, IT Company from Northern California

"Wow and Thank you. I was ready for my GSA Schedule Contractor Assistance Visit/audit. I had the updated chart of accounts ready, invoices, timesheet sign-ins and contract book for every job we have on and off schedule and the whole kitchen sink! Good thing I did because the analyst did ask to look at other off schedule contracts to compare pricing. Would not have survived it without your 2 day seminar last week."
CEO, Facilties Maintenance Co. in New York City

"I felt equipped to submit our GSA contract within 3 days following the conference. This conference was almost like a "Cliffs Notes" version to completing a government contract. By far, it was money well spent..."
CFO, Healthcare Staffing Co. in Ohio

"I really enjoyed the class and workshop. It was a real eye opener and I feel that by attending I am prepared for what is needed."
CEO, Human Resources Co. in Washington, DC

I really enjoyed the class and the materials were outstanding. We plan to followup by sending another of our staff to your next session. The 3 hrs. of free followup consulting time
has already proven invaluable to us.
CEO of Management Consulting Co, from Omaha

Thank you for your help with our GSA Contracts offer preparation. I appreciate all the time you have taken from your schedules to answer all my questions before and after the workshop and found the workshop excellent. I found the Negotiations training and exercise very realistic and particularly beneficial.
Govt. Affairs Mgr. for Marketing Co. in Washington,DC
  "I found the workshop extremely helpful and well worth the money. I will recommend it to others. You guys are great!"
CEO, Security Services Co. in Los Angeles

"Thanks a million! The seminar and workshop was well done, the materials were excellent and the personal attention tremendous. Thank you again. We needed your firm years ago."
CEO, Engineering Services Co. in Baltimore

"Thank you very much for this great class as well as all the prep work you did with me before the workshop to come prepared. Really loved the whole thing ------- except the math!"
Business Development Mgr. in Norfolk, Va.

"I was extremely impressed by your seminar and would highly recommend it to anyone. I will explain to them what 'by the numbers' means."
CIO, IT Company in Northern Virginia

"We submitted our proposal in May and as of October 1 officially have a FABS Schedule! Although they (GSA) would have liked for us to give a larger discount, we were prepared based on your class to support our prices during the negotiations. Needless to say our prices are the same as what we submitted with our proposal. Thanks again and you will see us in another class in the future."
CEO, Real Estate Consulting Services Co. from New York City

"I want to really thank you for extending the invitation to my company to attend your workshop. It was truly an invaluable experience and much more rewarding than I had anticipated based on other workshops I'd attended in the past."
Business Development Manager of Building Supplies Co. in Seattle

"Thanks for the GSA Seminar last week. You guys are super! You answered all my questions in plain English. After many years of trying, I finally GET IT about GSA Schedules."
CEO, Management Consulting Co. in North Carolina