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If you are looking to increase your sales, particularly to the Federal Government, here are the Top 8 reasons why a GSA Schedule Contract can help your company capture a share of the Federal Government spending. The Federal Government spends over 38 billion dollars a year with companies that have a 5 year GSA Schedule Contract.

Recent changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulations also allow GSA Information Technology Schedule contractors to have access to State/County/City Government procurements through Cooperative Purchasing. Since Feb 2007, all GSA Schedule Contract holders are now also eligible to provide Disaster Recovery assistance in the form of Products and Services to State/County/City governments. Both of these GSA Schedule holder provisions can help you build your business at all levels of Government procurement!

The Value of a GSA Schedule
Top 8 Reasons

  1. GSA Schedule Contracts are the "easiest" way for Federal Government Buyers to purchase your products and services.
  2. GSA Schedules are virtually Protest Proof ending those long legal contract award delays common in the Fed RFP marketplace.
  3. GSA Schedules greatly reduce Federal Government Procurement Time: 7-14 days or less to place an order with a GSA Schedule vs. 150 days + with Federal RFPs.
  4. GSA Schedules greatly reduce Fed competition requirements: Schedules are CICA compliant and only require 3 competitors while the chances of success are much lower in the Federal "RFP Lottery" where it is not uncommon to have 50 bidders.
  5. GSA Schedules have no order limitations and can provide Volume/Quantity Discount Incentives to Federal buyers to increase the size of orders placed.
  6. The GSA Advantage ECommerce website provides worldwide online access for your specific GSA Contract to Federal Government buyers.
  7. The GSA Ebuy RFQ System is a very popular procurement tool for Federal buyers and is available only to GSA Schedule Contract holders.
  8. GSA Schedule Contract holders enjoy exhibition opportunities and access to Special Federal Marketing Events that are available only to GSA Schedule holders.

For more information on our GSA Schedules Seminar/Workshop Program including the Hands On Preparation of your own GSA Schedules Contract, Marketing your awarded Schedule and Contract Management of your Schedule go to, where you will find the details of our two day GSA Schedule Seminar and Hands On Workshops. We are not going to bore you with a lot of meaningless statistics and generic canned information. We are going to teach you how to prepare your own specific GSA Schedule and work side by side with you while you do it thus saving you endless months of frustration and confusion.

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