Managing Relationships

This involves maintaining continuous positive communications by phone and email with the primary contracting officer, administrative contracting officer and industrial operations officer and using our years of experience and subject matter expertise to achieve positive results.

We have 25 years experience negotiating contracts and modifications with GSA and the VA and can help you get awarded the most favorable terms and pricing.

Our unique capabilities include working with our clients to help them resolve their GSA schedule problems. The Keynote process involves having our client define what the problem is, put it in writing and email it to us. We then review the problem and set an appointment for a conference call. The problem is then discussed in depth and various solutions are provided. Our clients prefer, and appreciate, conference call communications. The conference call is the main way to clarify the issues at hand.

Another unique service is assistance in dealing with the government databases such as SAM, SIP, Eoffer, EMod, GSA Advantage, etc. At times there are situations where submitting data to a government database doesn’t work and our client must contact tech support. Working with the government databases since 1999, I have been able to understand the technical problems and work with the tier 2 programmers to resolve an issue. Together we work on resolving the technical issue and notify the client that the problem has been solved.